2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast

The sakura flower, or Japanese cherry blossom, is considered Japan’s unofficial national flower and has been admired by people all across the globe for it undeniable beauty.

They are so popular among tourists that thousands travel to Japan every year during the spring season to get a glimpse of the spectacle of the trees blooming with these pink or white flowers.

If you are planning a trip to see Japan’s famous cherry blossoms in 2018, there are two things to consider – where and when to visit. There are many prime locations with a variety of features – some have the oldest trees, others the most trees, and some are close to historic areas or other sites of interest.

Generally, the cherry blossom trees will bloom in order—they first appear in the warm climate of southern Japan and make their way to the Kanto region, which includes Tokyo, then up to Tohoku in the north, and finally to Hokkaido. Since cherry blossoms typically only stay on the trees for around ten days, or two weeks at most, everyone in Japan checks the cherry blossom forecast in springtime.

The 2018 sakura season is expected to be a little earlier both in central and southern Japan.

The best times to visit (full bloom) are expected to be around March 28 in Tokyo, April 2nd in Hiroshima, April 2nd in Osaka and April 4th in Kyoto.

Please keep in mind that most flowers usually take a week to reach full bloom once flowering has begun and that full bloom also lasts around a week.

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