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Sumo Wrestling – Morning Training Watch Tour

Fancy a chance to watch some of the "biggest" athletes in Japan work hard in training? Starting early in the morning, wearing barely nothing-  even during the Japanese winter-  sumo training adheres to the path of "budo" martial arts and ancient traditional Japanese customs. Deeply rooted in Japan's native religion - Shinto - members of the sumo stable "sumo-beya" [...]

Maiko dinner experience in Kyoto

Enjoy a Japanese banquet dinner with traditional Japanese dancing. ( eight course, beverages included) Maiko are apprentice geiko (similar to geisha) in Kyoto, western Japan. Traditionally, Maiko entertain guests during feasts by performing songs, dances, and playing the shamisen or the koto (traditional Japanese instruments) Maiko are usually aged 15 to 20 years old and become geiko after learning [...]