The cheapest and most expensive foods you’ll find in Japan

Whether it’s for the food, scenery, culture, or hospitality, Japan is easily one of the most popular bucket list destinations for avid travellers. That’s why telling someone you’ve booked a trip to Japan will always evoke a positive response, followed by an obligatory stern warning: “But it’s expensive!” Yes, financial strain and a travelling around Japan go hand-in-hand – apparently.

So, let’s debunk that myth. Japan isn’t an expensive place to visit – not if you don’t want it to be.

In fact, unlike some destinations, it’s actually very easy to find food, accommodation, and transport to suit any budget. But we’re not here to talk about capsule hotels versus the ryokan, we’re talking about Japanese food!

From the exorbitant to the best budget bites, here are some of the most expensive and cheapest foods you’ll find in Japan.

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