Legends of Japan Tour

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Legends of Japan Tour

From $6950 per person *| 8 Days/7 Nights

Departures : 20th April 2018  &  5th October 2018

Japan is a country full of ancient legends.
Japanese history begins with a Shinwa mythology, of Prince Ninigi, grandson of the supreme goddess Amaterasu, who came down from the sky landing in the area called Takachiho in Kyushu Island.

The tour will take travellers to places where Prince Ninigi landed, and the cave shrine where his stepdaughter gave birth to his grandson who became the first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jinmu, 2,600 years ago.

This tour also takes travellers to Gokanosho where fugitive Heike Clan samurai- once the ruler of Japan based in Kyoto- lost the battles against Genji Clan in 1185 and hid in this secluded mountain area of Kyushu Island for hundreds of years.

This tours also visits Kagoshima, capital of Kagoshima Prefecture, where General Saigo who played a major role in bringing down the Shogun after more than 260 years of the rule of Japan and brought in Modern Japan. General Saigo himself later revolted against the Meiji Government in 1877  – a revolt later became known as the last civil war of Japan.

Lastly, the tours visits Chiran Peace Museum, honoring 1,036 Kamikaze pilots who took off to Okinawa trying to prevent US invasion in early 1945.

*Min. 2 passengers to max. 8 passengers | Twin Share

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Who would love this tour

  • Japanese history buffs – visiting some of the major historical sites of Japan.  Tour Escorted by local historian with unsurpassed in-depth knowledge of Japan’s history.
  • Those wanting to escape the urban noise and chaos of the cities. Be inspired by the sites of historical significance which have managed to protect and preserve Japan’s rich heritage.


  • Tour Escorted by local historian with unsurpassed in-depth knowledge
  • Stay in the home of  a 49th generation decedent of  the Heike clan of Samurai
  • visit Gokanosho – the Land of the Last Samurai
  • visit Sendan Totodo Waterfall and walk the suspension bridges
  • visit Aoi Aso Shrine, originally built in 806 AD and designated as a National Treasure
  • stroll through Sengan-En Garden, built in 1658 and recognized as World Cultural Heritage Site
  • visit Chiran Peace Museum ( kamikaze exhibitions)
  • visit Udo Shrine and drive along stunning coastal roads to Aoshima Shrine

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