With the New Year upon us, and the prospects of travel to Japan providing a glimmer of hope, for the next 10 days we will introduce something for you to look forward to seeing when the opportunity presents itself for your visit to the country.

2020 saw lots of new openings in Tokyo, from Shibuya’s Miyashita Park and regional-based cuisine of Shibuya Yokocho, to trendy food halls like The Restaurant at Eat Plays Works, Commissary, and Toranomon Yokocho. The ever-evolving city will continue to evolve in 2021 including new theme parks and art festivals.

However, the daily introductions of new attractions are in no specific order and begin with:-

Sleep in the Historic Nintendo Headquarters (mid 2021)

Kyoto is known for its ancient shrines, temples and gardens, however the historic city is also the birthplace on Nintendo. Nintendo started out as a humble playing card company in 1889, before turning into a video game giant. Die-hard fans could always visit the former headquarters, but it remained empty except for an old-fashioned plaque.

Now, Play Do See, a hospitality company known for breathing life into old spaces, is refurbishing the old building and turning it into a Hotel. The building will still retain its vintage charm along with hotel amenities such as a restaurant and spar.

For the Nintendo enthusiast or even if you are not, this accommodation will be some where different to stay when you are touring Kyoto.