14 night Circle Japan Intensive Voyage

Circle Japan Cruise | 14 Night

Sailing from September 04, 2019 – September 18, 2019 | Azamara Quest

Explore the culture, history, and beauty of Japan on a two-week voyage that begins in the metropolis of Tokyo before circumnavigating the entire country.

From Tokyo, you’ll spend a day at sea before arriving in beautiful Hokadate.

During your stay, you can spend time enjoying the company of wildlife at the Hakodate City Tropical Botanical Garden. Before you leave, be sure to snap a photo of Mount Hakodate, the vast 334 meter-high mountain that towers above the city.

Next, your voyage will take you to Akita, home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Shirakami-Sanchi Mountains. Then, it’s off to Kanazawa and Sakaiminato to explore traditional tea houses and take a walk down Shigeru Mizuki Road.

After an evening at sea, you’ll arrive in Busan, South Korea. In this bustling city, you’ll have the opportunity to climb Busan Tower for a picturesque view of the surrounding area. From here, you’ll visit Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Kochi, where you can visit volcanic hot springs, K?chi Castle, and Huis Ten Bosch—a theme park modeled after a Dutch city.

Your voyage will then bring you to Kobe for an overnight stay. While exploring Kobe, tour the sake breweries in the Nada district, walk through the Sorakuen Japanese landscape garden, and do some shopping at Kobe Harborland. When the sun goes down, take the Shin-Kobe Ropeway up the southern slope of the Rokko mountains for a stunning nighttime view of the city.

After an overnight in Kobe, you’ll journey into Suruga Bay to visit Shimizu and glimpse Japan’s most iconic landmark—Mount Fuji. In Shimizu, you’ll find Miho-no-Matsubara—a beautiful park with four miles of pine groves along the seashore.

Feeling relaxed and reenergized, your journey will conclude with an overnight in Tokyo, having gained a lifetime of experiences in the span of two incredible weeks.

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