Japan abounds in accommodation, both Western-style and Japanese.Types of accommodation vary widely in terms of style and price. You can choose to stay in the familiar comforts of a Western-style hotel, or enjoy the comfort and personal attention of a traditional Japanese inn (Ryokan), or Traditional Japanese House

Ryokan – Japanese Inns

Ryokan are Japanese-style inns, complete with a wide variety of facilities. In most cases, guests are served dinner in the evening of the day they arrive and breakfast the next morning. Rooms are usually Japanese-style, with straw tatami mats used for flooring.

Guests sleep on futons (thin mattresses that are spread on the tatami mats at night and stored folded in a closet during the day). Ryokan are characterized by the high-quality service that they offer and their diligence in maintaining a purely Japanese atmosphere and Japanese-style service.

The Japan Holidays’ Collection are some of the finest in Japanese accommodation with ryokans dating back more than 100 years and each with a history to unfold. Here, you will experience the extraordinary with your every wish anticipated, leaving you beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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Traditional Japanese House

Renting a traditional Japanese house offers a great alternative to staying in a Ryokan or city hotel – and is ideal for larger groups or families and friends travelling together.

Equipped in Japanese style and carefully renovated, all selected Japan Holidays houses offer the best comfort available and allow you to discover the surrounding at your own pace. Each house has been chosen for the quality of its location (transport, shops, temples…) and to make your stay easier.

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