Ryokan Accommodation

Ryokan are Japanese style inns found throughout the country, especially in hot spring resorts.

More than just a place to sleep, ryokan are an opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality, incorporating elements such as tatami floors, futon beds, Japanese style baths and local cuisine, making them popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists alike.

There are many different kinds of ryokan, varying greatly in terms of size, cost and style. Some ryokan are small, family run establishments with just a few rooms, while others are large, hotel-like facilities with hundreds of rooms. Ryokan also range from no-frills, budget varieties to costly establishments catering to the very wealthy.pacious suite rooms are a blend of modern Japanese sophistication and western design. These rooms include soft western style beds, a covered open air stone bath and private garden. The comfortable wooden outdoor chairs are for savoring the beauty of the surrounding forest and mountains and listening to the river flowing through the narrow valley below.

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Featured Ryokan



Sennenmatsu Located right on the waterfront overlooking the beautiful Seto Island Inland Sea, Sennenmatsu offers superb views in a quintessential Japanese setting and is the perfect base for those wanting to cycle [...]



Setsugetsuka Based on 600m from the Hakone Open-Air Museum,Setsugetsuka boasts a public hot spring bath with free flowing natural spring water, drawn from 2 different hot springs All guestrooms feature mountain views [...]



Kaichoro Only-8-rooms- a private ryokan, each with open-air bath. 1hr 45min from Tokyo to the town of Ikaho. The Kaichoro boasts personal attendants and sumptuous Japanese dinners. Massages can also [...]