day tours

Tokyo City Tour with Private Guide

The day commences with the Guide Meeting you at your Hotel. From there visit Tsukiji Fish Market which was originally a wholesale fish market for professionals however the outer Tsukiji market is a great introduction to all kinds of Japanese traditional food. From here travel passing by Kabukiza Theatre, to the Imperial Palace which has been the residence of [...]

Hiroshima & Miyajima Island Day Tour

Highlights Atomic Bomb Dome Peace Memorial Park Peace Memorial Museum Itsukushima Shrine Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park/Museum is a large scale park that was established in 1949 after the Pacific War ended and is visited by countless visitors as a symbol of peace. The museum within the park is an important Cultural Property of Japan, and was built to remind [...]

Sumo Wrestling – Morning Training Watch Tour

Fancy a chance to watch some of the "biggest" athletes in Japan work hard in training? Starting early in the morning, wearing barely nothing-  even during the Japanese winter-  sumo training adheres to the path of "budo" martial arts and ancient traditional Japanese customs. Deeply rooted in Japan's native religion - Shinto - members of the sumo stable "sumo-beya" [...]