The Tohoku (Northern Japan) region definitely takes the crown in the ranking of the most underrated areas of Japan.

What is even less well known amongst non-Japanese, is that Tohoku Region  also one of most attractive areas in Japan for cherry blossom viewing.

Viewing cherry blossoms in Tohoku Region is also recommended for those who miss out the blooming season in other parts of Japan as they start flourishing 2-3 weeks later , as the blooming moves from the south of Japan to its northern tip. The cherry blossoms in Tohoku Region usually starts early to mid April, and can be enjoyed till end of April and even early May in many places – the longest cherry blossom viewing period in Japan

Why Tohoku Cherry Blossom viewing?

The region’s late blooming season means smaller crowds and cheaper tickets than the rest of Japan, all while experiencing some of the most beautiful scenery in Japan.

The Bonus ? – enjoying the northern region’s distinctive culture and cuisine, while staying in luxurious accommodation.

Japan Holidays’ Tohoku Cherry Blossom Tour 2024

7th-15th April 2024 | a fully-escorted tour with an experienced Japan Holidays’ tour guide

This tour will immerse you in all of this, including ancient temples, shrines, samurai residential areas, castles, and local crafts – all set against the fragrant beauty of peak cherry blossom season.

You’ll enjoy scenic countrysides, high-speed bullet trains and peaceful ryokan inns at day’s end. The tour begins and ends in Tokyo – a city of unparalleled shopping, tourism and activities to introduce you to Japan’s commercial side.

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