Chugoku & Shikoku Unique Nature by Rail

8 nights | 9 days


Chugoku region is located in the western part of Honshu, Japan’s main island.

This area is one of the most rural areas in Japan?as this is far from the biggest cities such as Tokyo or Osaka.

Japanese people visit Chugoku region when they want to refresh their minds with beautiful nature and culture.

Because Japan was composed of different local governments until the end of the Edo samurai period, each area and destination had different cultures and specialties unique to the area, and Chugoku has one of the interesting regional characteristics.


Shikoku, the fourth largest island in Japan, also has unique cultures and island natures.

Japanese people often choose Shikoku region to see superb views that they have never seen before.

The beautiful rivers in the mountains and the sunset seen from coastal areas are popular among young people because the views would be perfect for Instagram. In addition, the local foods by making use of island topography. Various kinds of seafood and fruits thanks to the climate with many sunny days are the examples of local specialties in Shikoku.

These two rural regions have a culture of coexisting with nature. This tour will travel to those nature sites by Japan’s effective rail transportation.

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