Eat like a locavore: An insider’s guide to Japan’s food scene

Australian food writer Jessie Thompson loves all things Japan, especially the cuisine. In fact, she loves it so much she moved from Melbourne to Tokyo in order to be surrounded by the food and culture she loves so much. Here, we catch up with Jessie to get the lowdown on where to find Japan’s best food and drink – from cheap eats to fusion foods, market fare and beyond.

How did you end up living and working in Japan?

I moved to Japan about 18 months ago. I’ve always been interested in Japanese food and culture. I originally came here to study patisserie but I completely fell in love with Japan. I was lucky enough to find a job and ended up staying.

What makes Japan such a cool place to visit?

For me, Japan is such a cool place because you get the old culture with the new culture everywhere. For example I work in Tokyo near the Kanda Shrine which is hundreds of years old and hosts many traditional festivals throughout the year but then around the corner there’s an area called Akihabara which is a crazy, intense, electric town full of flashing lights and maid cafes. To have that within five minutes of each other is quite amazing. There’s traditional districts but then you also get craft breweries, standing sake bars and artisan bakeries. To have everything available and so easily accessible is so incredible.

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