Japan has witnessed a profusion of high-tech toilet wizardry – led by one brand, TOTO WASHLET.

The current state of the art for western style toilets is called the bidet toilet.  In Japan, these bidet toilets are commonly referred to as WASHLET.

TOTO introduced its WASHLET in 1980. In what has been branded as a game changer in toilet culture, the TOTO WASHLET has revolutionized a visit to bathroom in any public or private space in Japan. Want to lift the seat but not get your hands dirty? No problem just push a button. Is the seat too cold for you? That’s easily fixed, there is a button to warm that up as well. Built -in bidet? Yes. Automatic deodorizer? Yes. Flush with a click of a button? Yes.  And many of the new high tech bathrooms have features that allow people to enter and exit without having touched anything – at least with their hands. There are many other specific accessories rarely found outside of Japan as well and with more being introduced on a regular basis.

All of this amounts to a much better bathroom experience, one that is cleaner, and more comfortable than your normal private time.

However, for many foreigners who have been going to Japan over a long period of time, they are in awe of how technologically modern the country has become while still maintaining its traditional aspects as well.

Along with robots at airports and hotels giving directions, and automatic doors and vending machines everywhere, sometimes it is a shock when visitors walk into an older style Japanese style bathroom with squat toilets. These older style toilets are still widely used and require squatting rather than sitting to use.

The main market for WASHLET is still Japan. However, given the increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan and people regarding Japanese WASHLET as a curiosity, the number of sales on an international basis, particularly being installed in European countries is increasing. This is mainly for toilets for the handicapped.

There are several reasons for low sales outside of Japan. One main reason is that it takes time for people to get used to the idea of a WASHLET. Sales of the device were initially slow when they were introduced to Japan in 1980.

Now it is estimated that over 80% of Japanese households are installed with a Japanese bidet toilet.

It’s good to know that when nature calls while touring Japan you will have a bathroom that is clean, in good working condition and convenient. You will find many cutting-edge technological devices and features that will add an even more interesting experience to an already adventurous holiday to Japan. Make sure to experience all that Japan has to offer culturally and technologically – you will not be disappointed.

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