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Fuji-Q’s Highland’s most terrifying rollercoaster, Fujiyama, is known for its beautiful, panoramic views of Japan’s iconic Mt Fuji. From summer 2021, people can witness the adrenaline rush of being sky high, without the free falls, at the new Fujiyama Sky Deck. The outdoor observatory is 55m high, not as high as the rollercoaster’s 79m highest point, and is located outside the park so anyone can stop by to experience.

Adrenaline seekers please note that the deck will also house the Fujiyama Walk, a path in the air without hand rails, that was previously only open to maintenance staff. Visitors don a harness to walk beside rollercoaster to get a unique view of Mt Fuji. To get back to sold ground in a hurry —- take the giant twisting slide that will get you down from the observatory in seconds.