Glamping – or luxury camping-  has become popular among people who simply want to enjoy wild open spaces in Japan without giving up on all the comforts of a Hotel.

There are plenty of options when it comes to experiencing Japan’s natural landscapes with an extra touch of class. Comfy tents and domes are located in various places within the country allowing people to enjoy a luxurious time in nature and enjoy the family friendly facilities on offer.

Allow Japan Holidays to have your stress-free holiday in the wilderness sorted. One of the most opulent glamp sites is Circus Outdoor located  at the beautiful Lake Okutama accessible by train from Shinjuku Station Tokyo. The concept design at Circus Outdoor is based on ‘doing nothing’ whilst viewing the beautiful lake and without thinking about anything. It is possible to Book a Yurt that comes with a butler or other options inclusive of all meals.

Consider a glamping experience on your next visit to Japan.