Cherry Blossoms are the most popular flower tree in Japan and many travellers come to Japan specifically to bask in the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Spring. However, Hana-Momo is another beautiful flower tree that also has pink blossoms but is largely unknown by foreign visitors. Hana-Momo comes from the rose family and its flowers are a combination of light and dark pink on the same tree. In Kochi, there are several places where visitors can see plenty of Hana-Momo trees.  Niyodogawa town is known for its beautiful Hana-Momo trees and the best time to see them is from the end of March until the beginning of April—a little bit earlier than cherry blossoms.

When the Hana-Momo trees are in full bloom, these areas are referred to as “fairyland” because of their beauty. In Niyodogawa town there are many Hana-Momo trees located along the Niyodo River, which has been designated as one of the clearest and cleanest rivers in Japan by the Japanese government.

Talk to Japan Holidays’ staff about making the most of Spring in Japan with a side trip to Kochi so you too can bask in the beauty of both the cherry blossoms and Hana-Momo flowers.