Not just for Cleopatra…

What better way to recover from the crazy Christmas season than a long soak in a rejuvenating bath of wine!

Located only 73 minutes from Tokyo, Japan Holidays recommends a visit to the hot springs of Hakone. These hot springs are famous in Japan due to the stunning scenery of nearby Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji.

Hot springs or onsen are natural baths heated by underground volcanic activity, with the water of different hot springs thought to have their own unique health properties. Hakone has a wide variety of hot springs from outdoor, open-air bathhouses with amazing views of Mount Fuji, to a hot spring theme park with baths filled with coffee and even wine!

In addition to your relaxing onsen experience, the Hakone Shrine (Hakone Jinja) on the shore of Lake Ashi is must see destination. It’s famous red ‘floating’ Torii gate on the water is an iconic image of Japan’s breathtaking scenery and Shinto culture.

The discount “Hakone Kamakura pass” is available through Japan Holiday and includes the use of trains, cable car, sightseeing cruise, bus and also the Hakone Ropeway Service – a 30-minute aerial journey that gives you spectacular views of the rising volcanic fumes of Owakudani, Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji.

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