During spring, Japan is a breathtakingly beautiful country ablaze with the pink and white petals of the cherry blossom trees. Hanami is the Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of flowers, but it has become mainly associated with viewing cherry blossoms or Sakura. During Ohanami season, there are parties, events, and festivals when locals come out to enjoy the season with family, friends and work colleagues who all try to secure a spot at their favorite site—sometimes days in advance! The blossom obsession is reflected in seasonal food and drink, literature and Japanese language. There are at least 70 words in Japanese describing Sakura, the season, activities and feelings associated with hanami. The following are just 2 examples:-

Hanafubuki – flower snowstorm

After reaching full bloom cherry blossoms petals fall from the branches and are carried in a breeze, looking like snow flakes

Hanamizake – cherry blossom viewing sake

Sake that is drunk under the cherry blossoms during Hanami parties. Sometimes cherry blossoms or petals are added to the cup.