Japan is now open to travelers from all countries or regions!

Although there are now no Covid protocols for Japan, Japan Holidays strongly recommends that you use the Visit Japan Web website to register to enter Japan. Please note, this is a web-based application, and does not require an app.

This website is used to enter your arrival information and customs declaration prior to arriving in Japan. Thus, it replaces the paper disembarkation card and customs declaration.

Using the website  will allow you to move more quickly through your arrival airport. However, you will NOT be denied entry to Japan if you do not register on the Visit Japan Web .

In practice, it takes about 15 minutes to fill in the info required and setup.

Visit Japan Web actually consists of  two parts:

  1. immigration information (ie, disembarkation card information), and
  2. customs information (ie, customs declaration)

When you successfully complete these sections, you will receive two QR codes. The first two you will show at the airport upon arrival.

Please note

You will need a charged smartphone with internet access for Visit Japan Web to work at the airport when you arrive. Japanese airports have free wifi, so connectivity is not an issue – but be sure to charge your phone before flying.

In case something goes wrong with your phone or you cannot get online at the airport, it’s always good idea to do also print out immigration and customs QR codes –  in case these need to be displayed at the airport.