Japan will be awash in a blaze of pink come the end of March as the Japan Metrological Corporation has just released the cherry blossom forecast for 2021.

Whilst Japan is experiencing one of the coldest winters with record snow falls ,it seems that Sakura could appear as early as March 23rd in Tokyo and reach full bloom by March 31st. The pink blooms will reach Sapporo last, with full bloom expected around May 3rd. Naturally, the cherry blossoms are dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and the forecast may change in the coming weeks.

Japan Holidays has announced dates for their major 2022 Cherry Blossom Tours as follows and bookings are being accepted:-

World Heritage & Kumano Kodo Cherry Blossom Tour: 18th March – 2nd April
Classic Cherry Blossom Tour: 23rd March – 3rd April 2022
Cherry Blossom & Last Samurai Tour: 25th March – 2nd April’22
Samurai & Sakura Cherry Blossom Tour: 8th April – 18th April 2022

Please check www.japanholidays.com.au for further tours to be finalized for Cherry Blossom time in the near future.