Organizers of the Olympics are looking at ways to ensure the safety of the athletes and supporters wishing to come to Tokyo for the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para Olympics.

According to the latest reports, the Japanese Government is now considering exempting overseas visitors coming to Tokyo for the Olympics from the two week quarantine requirement.

Currently a 14day quarantine is required for all international travelers entering Japan. Only Japanese nationals and some short-term business travelers are exempt from this rule.

To accommodate people involved in the Olympic Games though, Japan is examining dropping the 14day quarantine for athletes as well as setting up a Covid 19 Heath Centre in the Athletes Village.

If this proposal is approved, visitors will likely be required to show proof of multiple negative Covid 19 tests prior to departure as well as have their health condition monitored while in Japan. Another break from current rules would see Olympic spectators from overseas allowed to use public transport whilst in Japan. The government is also considering granting entry to people from countries where corona virus cases are rising.

Tokyo 2020 organisers are set to make an announcement about the number of spectators allowed to attend each venue sometime in April 2021.