For those people who have travelled Japan you’ve no doubt have been amazed at the number of vending machines and variety of goods that can be purchased. Well you can now buy disposable face masks and disinfecting wipes 24/7 along with your usual beverages and other food items.

In this Covid 19 era, face masks and hand sanitisers have become a normal part of everyday lives. In Japan it has now become easier to obtain these items as some vending machines have begun offering safety products such as face masks and sanitizing wipes next to cold and hot drinks. Travelers in Japan will be able to spot them easily, as the machines will display a label saying ‘Stay Healthy” in English and Japanese.

Face masks will be sold in packs of two while the disinfecting wipes come in packs of ten. They will each retail for AUD$3 approximately. This will be very convenient when commuting through Japan and not having sufficient supplies to last the journey.

Japanese beverage company DyDo has started trailing vending machines where you can pay using facial recognition technology and now having these crucial items available in vending machines is just another way the company is adapting to the new normal. DyDo plans to have some 3,000 machines nationwide offering these products by the end of October’20.