Kansai – the Mecca of Tradition by Rail

7 nights | 8 days

Kansai is the ideal destination for fans of Japanese history and culture.

The Kansai or Kinki region is the western region of the island of Honshu and includes the cities of Himeji, Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara. It is the cultural and historical heart of Japan and the second-most populated after Kanto. Nara was the capital of Japan during the initial Imperial Court (710-794). After that, Japan’s capital city moved to Kyoto and Kyoto had been Japan’s political centre until Edo period. Also, Osaka has prospered as a city of merchants, entertainment, and food. Kobe is the main port city that has been used since the end of Edo period, different kinds of culture from overseas can be experienced there.

In terms of convenience of transportation, as Kansai is the second largest city area, those destinations are linked with each other through effective trains. Osaka is the centre of Kansai area and has access to all prefectures. Staying in Osaka would be the best way to visit around Kansai.

As Kansai is also a popular traditional tourist destination among Japanese people, you can experience the traditions by yourself such as Kimono or tea ceremonies as well as just see them. We can arrange your tour itinerary for you based on your interests. Feel free to ask your Japan Holidays consultant or enquire through our website

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