Japan is well known for its mascot characters , also known as Yuru Cyara. These characters can be seen all over Japan to help promote anything, ranging from private businesses, government offices, or individual products and services. The purpose of these characters are simply to be a cute and vibrant to help spread the word.

Meet Koronon – a new anti COVID-19 mascot with the attitude winning the battle against Corona Virus, promoting social distancing to the people of Japan and handing out facemasks to whoever needs it.

Koronon isn’t alone in the category of COVID-19 fighting mascots, and isnt the first anti-COVID-19 mascot that has been announced from Japan. Japan Holidays showed in April ‘Quaran’ – the fairy mascot promoting Quarantining practices across the airports of Japan.

We wish both mascots achieve their goal in promoting clean practices during times of COVID-19. Hopefully there will be a team up for the future!

Cheer on Koronon through its Instagram account & for Quaran, webpage can be found here (in Japanese only).

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