Make the most of the last days of summer

Hiking the Shin-Etsu trail is only open from June to October each year so now is the perfect time to visit.

Located around 1,000m above sea level, it is one of the few long trails in Japan. The 80km trail connects small towns and villages and is blessed with a rich eco-system, including magnificent Japanese beech tree forests. It is a fabulous opportunity to learn about the local history and culture, despite it’s long use for trade and travel, it remains the least known long-distance trail in Japan. It has a rich history dating back to just after the Nara Period (AD 710-784).

The Shin-Estu tour is operated with the cooperation and involvement with the Shin-Etsu Trail Club, a non-profit organisation accredited by Nagano Prefecture since 2004. It educates people on the importance of the surrounding natural environment, along with local history and cultural heritage.

A very flexible tour with 2 or 6 night options with your choice of full-service accommodation at Madarao Kogen Hotel, or experience staying in rustic Japanese inns with incredible hospitality and home-cooked meals. Either way, it will be an unforgettable experience. Japan Holidays can also organise your travel plans around Japan before and after the tour.

Make the most of the end of summer in Japan, book now!

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