Opening in Nihonbashi in June, Dawn Avatar Robot Café, is planning to provide a barrier free and inclusive new venue in Tokyo.

Unlike the popular Shinjuku Restaurant, where humans dressed as robots put on a dinner show, this new café will feature real robot humanoids, waiting on customers and serving food and drink. The café will provide more job opportunities for disabled workers.

The plan works like this- these robots will be operated remotely using internet connection, serving as avatars for individuals who can’t leave the house for long periods of time due to physical disabilities, child care or other conditions.

This innovative café is the latest venture of Ory Laboratory, a Japanese robotics company working to create a barrier-free society. The Company’s co-founder came up with the idea to designing robot avatars whilst he was bed ridden in hospital for a period of three years.

The robots are called OriHime-D robots and are 120cm tall and equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker to allow them to ‘speak’ and receive orders as they move around a space.

In a busy metropolis like Tokyo, it is often difficult for certain people to participate in society due to for example, simply navigating the transport system to and from work. As the robots can be controlled just through eye-movement, this will provide an opportunity for immobilized individuals to take a up a job in the hospitality industry. This represents a significant breakthrough and hopefully will lead to more opportunities for disabled workers in the future.

Please include a visit to Dawn Avatar Robot Café when you next plan to visit Tokyo with Japan Holidays.