22-28 Jan 2024

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The celebratory Sanbaso, an ancient folk dance, has been transformed into one of the most entertaining of Kabuki dance pieces. The actor must play a living marionette, moving as if manipulated by strings in a great test of strength and skill.

“Night Kabuki in Osaka Dotonbori” is the perfect opportunity for visitors from abroad  to enjoy the traditional Japanese performing art of Kabuki.

1st session (45 min) INTRODUCTION TO KABUKI
Aimed at Kabuki beginners, there will be a 45min demonstration explaining Kabuki from A to Z, including the history of Kabuki, make-up and costumes plus a 5 min movie. This session is supported by English interpreters.

2nd session (25 min) KABUKI PERFORMANCE
Enjoy an actual Kabuki dance performance, experiencing the full charm of Kabuki in a short time.

Please note:  No English guided provided for the 2nd session

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