The famous castle town of Odawara city, Japan, will hold their first ever online events at a Japanese Castle hosted by Odawara Tourism Co. Ltd. These events are meant to connect, educate, and inform those interested in Japanese culture and history.

First, is a “Noh” performance, titled “Japanese Noh Theater at Odawara Castle ‘Aoi no Ue’–The Tale of Genji,” will be streamed on Sunday, September 13, 2020 (in Japan time). The performance will feature Kanze-style Shite-kata (the main role) played by Kanze Yoshimasa, a famous Noh actor who appears in many Noh performances worldwide. His stunning video performance filmed at Odawara Castle will be streamed simultaneously worldwide. Before and after the Noh program, Odawara’s local Japanese drum performance “Hojo Daiko” and the ninja show “FUMA NINJA Legend of ODAWARA”, which was well-received at the performances in overseas last year, will showcase to make the event even more exciting. An English guide will also be given to participants. For more information, please visit the website (Available in multiple languages)

Odawara is also home to the famous Fuma ninja clan. Odawara Tourism has created the “Online Fuma Ninja Training Experience” in which you will enjoy and learn about the aspects of peaceful mindfulness, history, and tools of the fuma ninja as well as Japanese culture through this interactive online program with a real modern day ninja, specializing in the art of Ninjutsu. Numbers are limited to keep a truly personal and interactive experience. For more information, please visit the website

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