Okinawan Karate Experience

Improve your karate skills and knowledge in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate!

There are about 400 Karate dojos and clubs, and many legend Karate Grand Masters in Okinawa. Our Australian local staff has lived and trained in Okinawa providing good relationships and in-depth knowledge of Okinawa and Martial Arts. We are able to offer various kinds of Okinawan karate programs such as workshops, 2-5 day camps, introduction Dojo, Karate tours, mental training (zen meditation) and so on, depending on your request.

Let us organise your whole itinerary whether it be a 2 night stay for one person, family holiday or a 2 week group experience. We will also cater for those travelling with you that may not be as interested in karate.

There is much to see and do in Okinawa – beautiful beaches, amazing coral reefs, Churaumi Aquarium, World War 2 historical sites and more. Due to the sub-tropical weather, Okinawa is also the first place in Japan to get cherry blossoms, usually from mid-January.

Whatever your skill level – beginner to advanced – contact us and we can arrange it all.

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