Princess Cruises announce 2019 Japanese Cruise program

More Destinations Than Ever Before

Princess Cruises, voted the #1 international cruise line in Japan, announced its 2019 program featuring Japanese-built Diamond Princess returning for her sixth season, sailing roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama) and Kobe.

The March-November 2019 season on sale, features 60 departures on 40 unique itineraries, visiting 41 destinations in seven countries, more ports than ever before. Offerings include access to 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites and nine late night port calls.

2019 Deployment Highlights

  • Maiden port calls on Diamond Princess to Gamagori, Himeji, Matsuyama, Niigata, Miyako and Takamatsu
  • Nine departures during the popular Spring Flowers season, visiting many top cherry blossom and spring flowers sites throughout all of Japan
  • Seven departures providing access to some of the most popular summer festivals in Japan including the Aomori Nebuta Festival, Kochi Yosakoi Dance Festival and Akita Kanto Festival
  • Three voyages include viewing of the Kumano Grand Fireworks Festival visible from the decks of the Diamond Princess, a display of over 10,000 fireworks

Festival and Event Experiences

  • Five voyages with late night stays in Aomori during the Aomori Nebuta Festival, which features Nebuta float figures, traditional music, and many vibrant dancers, easily accessible on foot from the port
  • Three voyages providing access to many popular August festivals including Akita Kanto Festival, Kochi Yosakoi Dance Festival and Tokushima Awa Dance Festival featuring late night stays in each city to allow for more exploration:
    • Akita Kanto Festival features a procession of 200 bamboo poles with lanterns weighing over 100 pounds carried on the palms, foreheads, shoulders or backs of the celebrants
    • Kochi Yosakoi Dance festival is one of Japan’s ten largest festivals attracting fans from all across Japan
    • Tokushima Awa Dance Festival one of the most famous summer dance festivals, which dates back to the 1500s featuring dancers performing throughout the city well into the night and known for the famous “Fool’s Dance”
  • Two voyages visiting Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido during the Fall Foliage season in October

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