Why not dive into Kochi Prefecture’s best kept secret, the Nakatsu gorge?

Kochi’s rich nature and pristine rivers contribute to its mesmerizing scenery. The photos of Nakatsu Gorge in this article are not touched up with fancy filters and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when visiting this amazing area of natural beauty.

A simple walk through the gorge area can be enjoyed by all and one of the must see spots is Uryu no Taki waterfall. The rushing river plunges down 20 meters to fill the limpid blue pools along the trail and are especially spectacular after a good rainfall. The path to the waterfall is partially paved and stretches just over 2kms and takes around 30-minutes to the falls. The road itself has a meandering structure due to its surroundings and is pinched with sharpened rocks. There aren’t any railings on this path, so young children must be supervised at all times. Japan Holidays can supply maps and arrange for an English speaking guide for the walk if needed.

For the adventurous traveler, there is also canyoning in Nakatsu gorge. When you finished the walking tour and enjoyed watching a maple leaf falling into Uryu no Taki waterfall, it’s time for YOU fall into the gorge. The canyoning program at Nakatsu Gorge is run by an adventure company, who will provide all the necessary safety equipment and a guide to ensure you enjoy this activity in complete safety! It seems a little bit challenging to jump into the gorge, especially after seeing and listening to the gushing water down below but we assure you it’s a thrilling experience! While there are many easy hiking trails within Nakatsu Gorge, the canyoning experience takes you deeper into the valley, allowing you to explore rapids and waterfalls, descend cliffs on ropes, swim through rapids, and jump into water pools from high up. Along the way you will also be able to explore a cave, which is unusual for a canyoning tour. Normally, this kind of nature tourism isn’t paired with on-spot activities. Nakatsu is long and wide enough to let everyone indulge in this spiritual gorge.

At the end of the day after all the excitement, it’s time to relax with an American-style craft beer brewed by a local Japanese couple who spent some time living in the US and finally soak in the natural hot springs.

For further details on all these activities, talk to our consultants at Japan Holidays.