The main Rusutsu accommodation consists of two large slopeside resort hotels and a condo hotel – the Rusutsu Resort Hotel, Westin Rusutsu Resort, and the new Vale Rusutsuwith an incredible number of  resort-based activities to chose from – particularly aimed at kids and the young at heart. Right next door to the accommodation area is Hokkaido’s largest amusement park.




Open only in summer, the amusement park offers roller coasters, thrill rides, a miniature railway, a kids land – an an outdoor jumbo pool.



The outdoor Super Jumbo Pool,  open from 20th July 2024 to 18th August 2024 features a number of pools spread over a 10,000 metre square site – including a water Slide, a slide pool, fountain pool ,circular pool and a softly flowing river pool. The park also features a 25m indoor lap pool, with the pool temperature maintained at around 28 degrees Celsius.



The park boasts no less than six rollercoasters – to cater for thrillseekers of all levels – from a more sedate kids rollercoaster to a mountain jet coaster –  superlong roller coaster stretching some 1km, a Hurricane suspended thrill ride, and a rare stand-up roller coaster, featuring a 360-degree loop, with full g-force experience.



In addition to the six roller coaster rides, the park has a large number of Thrill Rides to suit all tastes – a space shot drop ride, the Sky Trail – one of Japan’s biggest obstacle courses, ferris wheels, viking ship rides, and a log boat splash ride amongst others.


The park also boasts a 650m go-kart circuit, a cycle monorail, and a miniature train ride around the park – a huge hit with children.