Rusutsu Summer Special

Japan's best ski resort transforms in Summer

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Rusutsu – in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido – is well known to Australians as a premier skiing destination- though most visitors don’t venture outside the main ski areas during winter.
But there is so much more to Rusutsu than just winter and skiing.

In summer, Rusutsu is a paradise for outdoor activities, offering the chance to explore pristine Japanese nature.

Join Japan Holidays as we get off the beaten track to explore all that the Rusutsu area has to offer during the Summer months

Rusutsu Summer Special – Hokkaido’s largest amusement park

The main Rusutsu accommodation consists of two large slopeside resort hotels and a condo hotel - the Rusutsu Resort Hotel, Westin Rusutsu Resort, and the new Vale Rusutsu - with an incredible number of  resort-based activities to chose from - particularly aimed at kids and the young at heart. Right [...]

Rusutsu Summer Special – indoor activities and facilities

While Summer transforms Rusutsu into an outdoor paradise, the area and resorts offer a huge range of facilities and indoor activities to suit all tastes. Dining Rusutsu offers more  than 30 restaurants  - spread across the three main accommodation areas  - that serve Hokkaido's gourmet meals,varying in styles from casual [...]

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