Learn the way of the Japanese sword

Do something a little different on your next Japan holiday. Our exclusive Samurai Kendo experience will leave you just that little bit more cultured, with fun and interesting memories to last a lifetime. Dress up in Samurai attire, learn Kendo and dine in Japan’s only Kendo Restuarant!

Have a taste of a real Samurai experience through the lens of Japanese martial arts – Kendo

Kendo is a modern expression of traditional Japanese swordsmanship and martial arts that uses Katana (bamboo swords). Participants normally wear Kendo protective armour which consists of head, arm and lower body protection. Kendo originated in the early 17th century as a part of traditional swordsmanship training called shinai uchikomi geiko which enables the practitioner to hit and practice without reservation, hesitation and fear of injuring others.

Our Kendo experience can be divided into three parts. It’s your choice to do one or two, or all of them for a complete experience.

1. Kendo Experience

The Kendo experience allows you to work with an English speaking, black-belt instructor to understand the way of this ancient martial art. From basic etiquette skills of Kendo to learning about and using armour, you will be provided a varied Kendo experience that is perfect for a first visit to Japan.


  • SAMURAI culture instruction
  • Practical guidance by a well trained guide
  • Guide demonstration
  • Tournament style combat game

2. Visit a Kendo armour workshop

Bogu, the suit of armour used in Kendo, is a traditional craft that has been passed on for generations in Japan for over a century. A guide with over 20 years of Kendo experience will first bring you through the principles and ideals of the Samurai and Kendo which will be followed by a tour to the traditional armour workshop, where the craft has been passed on in the family for many generations, where you can experience the heart of the craftsman.


  • Introduction by an English speaking guide
  • Talks about the Samurai and Kendo by the guide
  • Armour crafting demonstration by master craftsman
  • Q&A session with the master craftsman
  • Kendo merchandise and goods available for sale

3. Special meal at a Kendo Restaurant

The one and only Kendo themed Izakaya (restaurant) in Japan. Not only is there a small corner for samurai armour and Kendo goods, they have also created a dojo atmosphere for your enjoyment and a “Special Samurai meal” on the menu so you can come really feel how it’s like to be a Samurai.


  • Photo corner
  • Special Samurai meal
  • Kendo goods corner
  • Kendo videos and movies

Our Kendo experiences are located in Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

Ask your highly experienced Japan Holidays consultant to add this into your next Japan Holiday!

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