In previous newsletters, we have highlighted several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) projects in Kochi Prefecture such as: Honesty Boxes, Bonito Searing and the Forestry Town of Yusuhara. While the United Nations established the 17 SDG goals in 2015, the Hata district has long been involved in preserving its ecosystem, developing programs to educate children, and is now committed to strengthening SDG #14 (Life below water) and #15 (Life on Land). The Hata ecosystem involves its mountains, rivers, and the ocean which are all essential but this month we’d like to highlight the ocean and Tatsukushi Marine Park located on the Southwestern coast of Kochi Prefecture. The Marine Park is in Tosashimizu City and blessed with diverse ocean creatures, centuries-old geological rock formations and coral reefs where you’ll find beautiful fish and shellfish all year round.

Tosashimizu City, like many areas in Japan, has been facing a declining birthrate and increasingly elderly population for quite some time. The local government hopes that its efforts to create ecologically focused educational programs for children will help them understand the beautiful environment they have inherited and inspire them to continue to preserve this precious coastline.

The Kuroshio ocean current is a warm northeasterly ocean current off the coast of Japan that has been sculpting these unique rock formations while maintaining the health of the coral reefs along the coastline for centuries.

Japan Holidays can arrange a local guide to show you this fascinating coastline and explore the rock formations or you may prefer to take a glass bottom boat ride or enjoy one of the many outdoor activities including: snorkeling, scuba diving or paddle boarding to enjoy the marine park and all it has to offer.

Photo#5: Takuya Hosogi.