Self-Drive Hokkaido

7 nights | 8 days

Hokkaido is a large island in the northernmost in Japan and is a prefecture itself.

This island prefecture has a lot of nature destinations to see with each separated by distance. To travel around the beautiful sites, driving would be the best option.

Driving through volcanic mountains, extensive farmlands, lakes and coastal roads at your own pace is very refreshing. Furthermore, the history of this island and the indigenous people would be the highlight of this tour as well as the beauty of nature. Of course, the various local foods in this prefecture are one of the top purposes of traveling to Hokkaido.

An international driver’s license is all that is needed. Roads in Hokkaido are similar to those in Australia and much easier to drive than in the big cities. Recommended season of driving is spring (cherry blossom), summer (green nature) and autumn (red and yellow leaves). In winter, Hokkaido has huge snow and people visit the mountains to ski.

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