Japan Holidays offers clients ease of access to Tokyo after a long flight to Japan.

Green Tomato  – Japan Holiday’s preferred transport supplier | guaranteed service.

Green Tomato Airport Shuttle is a shared shuttle bus service that provides door to door transportation between Narita Airport and Tokyo accommodation and also from Narita to Haneda. Green Tomato will travel between hotels in central Tokyo area and Narita Airport DOOR-TO-DOOR in about 75 – 100 minutes.

If you prefer to travel express and privately, a Chartered Shuttle is available. No need to wait for other passengers Direct transfer to your hotel Private, exclusive for you and your friends / families Travelling with small children or lots of luggage? No problem! Chartered Shuttle allows up to 8 people per vehicle. Mini – New affordable Chartered Shuttle allows up to 4 people and 4 suitcases per vehicle. Perfect for a small group or a family, also for a single passenger or a couple.

Even if a flight is early or delayed – a Green Tomato driver waiting to greet you on your arrival.

Green Tomato is a shared service. If you request a chartered shuttle service, your vehicle with depart immediately and take you directly to your hotel.

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Green Tomato – easy airport transfers