Hakkoda Ski Resort

Hakkoda is a renowned backcountry powder ski and snowboard mecca in Japan, known amongst skiers and riders as a place for those looking for a challenging snow adventure.

Hakkoda is packed full of deep powder and breath-taking vistas, but it’s also home to a deep culture and tradition unique to the surrounding Aomori region. It consists of eight mountains serviced by a single rope way and three ski lifts. There are only two marked runs, but for those seeking adventure and lots of fresh powder it’s fast becoming the holy grail of Japanese skiing.

It’s not just the powder on the ground that makes Hakkoda unique – the mountain’s characteristic “Snow Monsters” make an unforgettable scenic backdrop to your snow adventure! The Snow Monsters are produced when water droplets carried by strong seasonal winds clash with the evergreens and freeze in place to create unique shapes. There are only a select few mountains in Japan that have the unique climatic conditions necessary to produce these Snow Monsters, and Hakkoda is one of the best among them.

Hakkoda’s ski season typically runs from mid-December until mid-May depending on snow and weather conditions. Snow Monsters are at their best from January until the end of February.

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