Traditional Karate Experience with Elite Masters!

Japan Holidays team member and Karate enthusiast Lawson, joined in on one of the authentic Karate training sessions during his recent visit to Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate. Lawson was lucky enough to train with 8th degree black belt, Haruyoshi Shimabukuro Shihan.

Having previous experience in Australia, Lawson was able to join in a Karate session of Uechi Ryu, in the heart of Naha.

Uechi Ryu is one of the original Okinawan Karate styles, and which Lawson has always had interest in.

“I have trained in different styles in Australia but the one that has interested me most is Uechi Ryu, especially how they focus on the strength and conditioning of their joints as weapons. To join a training session on a summer night is certainly a big tick off the bucket list for a Karate enthusiast. The experience doesn’t get any more authentic and direct than that!”

Whether karate has been your life or you are just wanting to give it a try once during your time in Okinawa, Japan Holidays can help connect you with these insightful classes and experience the old art for an unforgettable experience!

Individual classes, seminars, group classes or group camp experiences can be arranged.

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