Planning on what to do after COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted? Take a step back and immerse yourself in nature on one of the oldest and most famous pilgrimages of Japan.

Henro is the pilgrimage trail in Shikoku to the 88 sacred temples where the Buddhist priest Kukai is believed to have trained and spent time in the 9th Century.  Whether your motives on the pilgrimage are to reflect on oneself, relaxation, fitness or a need to connect with nature, walking the Henro trail is believed to change you for the better.

Be it for the full trek or a short visit, what better time to embark on a journey of the soul, a religious journey, a time to selflessly support and encourage each other, a time that you will remember forever and entice you to return again.

Let Japan Holidays help your trek experience

Let Japan Holidays help you experience this unforgettable trail. Learn about the pilgrimage with private guides to teach you the history and spiritual meanings on the trail. Our guides will take care of you and help you to plan the perfect trip-  all Japan Holidays Guides hold a National Tourist Guide License and are certified by the Japanese Government.

Henro Kochi Pilgrimage 3 day trek:

A walk to focus on your heart and mind, a pilgrimage path to escape the noise of everyday life.

  • Duration: 3 days ,2 nights
  • 2 nights accommodation in 3-4 star hotel & ryokan (Japanese traditional accommodation)
  • Daily breakfast  and 1 dinner
  • Private Daily guides
  • Transfers throughout the trek (private and public transfers)
  • Price: from $1,100 per person

Do you want to customize this tour?

Japan Holidays will help you plan and organise the best way to visit the Henro trail suited to your desires. We have add-on options whether you wish to visit a few temples, or to complete the whole pilgrimage!

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