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Japan Holidays
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 77 reviews
by Margie and Andre on Japan Holidays
Fabulous tour of Japan

Thank you so much Juliane, for organising the fabulous tour of Japan that we recently returned from.

Japan is a country of impeccable cleanliness, amazing food, incredibly polite people and soundless streets where nobody hoots! No road-rage. Not once during the whole 3 weeks did we see a single cigarette butt or piece of litter on the streets. Nobody crosses the street unless they have a green light! The trains all run on time and at great speeds.   Our trip had so many highlights but the outstanding ones were: The Maricar ride through the streets of Tokyo. Very exciting! The stunning Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa. The lovely town of Takayama, which is like travelling back in time to what Kyoto was like many years ago. In Wajima – Kiriko Festive Float Museum. That was amazing to see all the work they put into those floats.

So thanks again for the very smooth and well organised tour. We will definitely go back to Japan Juliane.


Thanks so much Margie and Andre. We are so glad to have impressed you with your personalised itinerary around Japan visiting some amazing places, and so pleased that you have so much fun! We look forward to designing your next Japan adventure.

by Sue & Ken Emmett on Japan Holidays
We loved it!

We loved it!

Cherry blossoms out in full bloom in northern Japan, they flower later and last longer in the cooler climate. Our guide Ken was great and included some unique experiences. We went out with a third generation oyster farmer and returned to a feast of fresh seafood straight out of the ocean washed down with chilled with wine.

We visited the Pure Land Zen Monastery and saw a golden temple in a forest, we seemed to be the only foreign tourists around. Your guides in Tokyo and Morioka took us to authentic restaurants and we had Soba, Ramen, Sushi and Tempura and Matcha soft serve ice cream…Lovely food all around.

We are very happy with the whole experience. North Japan is still not on most tourist itineraries and is highly recommended.

We had a wonderful time and would like to promote this area of Japan.

Thanks Sue & Ken, it was our pleasure to welcome you back for another amazing tour with our guide, Ken-san. You're part of the family now!

by Beth & Graeme Glover on Japan Holidays
Exciting and adventurous

Our trip to Japan was exciting and adventurous. Everything, including the weather, worked well for us. We certainly made the most of the JR Pass, adding extra sightseeing journeys to our schedule. Thank you for your organisation of this trip which I believe assisted us to enjoy the cultural history, food, nature & people of Japan so much.

by The Headon Family on Japan Holidays
Sensational holiday

After working with a couple of travel agents to plan our 3 week Japan holiday I was frustrated with the lack of true consultation and customisation I was able to find. Luckily I stumbled across Japan Holidays online, and after one phone call with Judy I knew I had found what I was looking for. Her first hand knowledge on pretty much everything I threw at her was so refreshing, and incredibly useful. Subsequently Judy spent a significant amount of time with me, customising our itinerary and packaging it all together.
We are now just back from the trip. It was fantastic. We went to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go, Takayama, 3 days on the Nakasendo Trail, Matsumoto, and back to Tokyo. A mix of larger hotels, smaller hotels and ryokans. Trains, buses and hiking. It was all terrific. Logistically complex, but thanks to Judy and Japan Holidays it all went super smoothly. The phone app loaded with all the information we needed, the advice on train and bus routes and times, and the PuPuRu wireless device were all incredibly helpful.
I would highly recommend Japan Holidays to anyone looking to tour Japan. Especially if you want to do things in your own way and at your own speed. Many thanks to Judy and the team for looking after us.

Thanks Daniel, so pleased that we were able to make your Japan holiday amazing!

by Rob Burns and family on Japan Holidays
We could not have been happier

Following a search on the internet and a conversation with Juliane Suzuki I decided to go with Japan Holidays to organise our family holiday to Japan to celebrate my 70th birthday. What a great decision. Juliane was most helpful and responsive in planning a 10 day holiday to meet the needs of our family of seven including a four year old grandson. We had a great time which far exceeded our expectations

The holiday included four nights in Tokyo, two in Kanazawa and three in Kyoto. We could not have been happier the hotels, guides, events and transportation all organised and booked by Japan Holidays. We were also fortunate to be visiting at the peak cherry blossom period as shown in the photo taken in Kyoto .

The AXUS travel App used by Japan Holidays which included the full itinerary, maps and messaging facility was of immense benefit.

Japan Holidays paved the way for a truly memorable holiday and celebration

Thanks Rob, so great to hear that we could provide had such an amazing and memorable family experience!

by Rod and Chris Tampling on Japan Holidays
Locating Family History

Our two week holiday to Japan in April this year was spectacular. Thanks to Tony, Lawson and Judy! We asked Japan Holidays to package us a trip to include Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa and lastly Tokyo (with a day trip to Hakone/Mt. Fuji). We had wonderful guides in Hiroshima – Amy, Kyoto – Katsuko, and Tokyo – Yuka. All were knowledgeable, helpful and had wonderful insight into each area.
Our guide in Hiroshima Amy was able to help us locate records at Hiroshima city hall of my husbands’ Maternal Grandfather who perished on the 6th August, 1945. This was our main reason for our trip and to see where my mother in law’s family lived.
We had a wonderful stay at Miyajima Island with the Kamada family who are truly lovely hosts. This is a must do opportunity to stay with a family in Japan. The Island is incredible with the stunning Great Torii, Itsukushima Shrine, Ropeway to Mount Misen with an amazing view towards Hiroshima, and of course wild deer! There are also lots of shops and restaurants and even a very good aquarium. The Nature trails are beautiful.
The Cherry Blossom season was busy and quite stunning with many people wearing kimonos, especially in Kyoto. The Nishiki Market in Kyoto is a must.
Hakone and Mt. Fuji was quite a pleasant surprise. We even had snow. Mt. Fuji was hiding in the clouds however we could still see snow on the base of the mountain. Well worth the day trip!
Tokyo is a must to visit. We will have to stay much longer next time. It is a lovely city to visit and the subway, though massive, is worth travelling on.
All in all our trip booked with Japan Holidays was everything we hoped for and more. Highly Recommend Japan Holiday tours and they are very helpful with any requests.

Thank you so much Rod and Chris! We were truly amazed and so happy that our guide Amy was able to locate your family history records for you. A wonderful memory your family will have for future generations. So pleased that we could help you!

by Laura Veltman on Japan Holidays
Exotic and Well-planned Holiday in Japan

Thanks to Kahoru's inside knowledge of the Osaka area as well as her advice re a itinerary to take us north from Osaka to Tokyo, we enjoyed an outstanding experience in the famous Cherry Blossom Season. Can't wait to go back for another exploration of both city and country places in Japan next year we hope!

All the private guides for half day and full day tours in the major cities were fabulous, and the self-guided walks for 3 days around Magome, Tsumago and Kiso Fukishima were a highlight of the trip.

So much lovely countryside, comfortable but interesting accommodation, brilliant food, luxurious onsen experiences, pleasant people.....what more could we ask for but a return visit!

Thanks so much for your review Laura. We are so glad you had a wonderful trip and look forward to organising your next one!

by Kylie and Ian Brown on Japan Holidays
This was the best experience

We just wanted to thank you for organising a wonderful holiday for the Brown family in Japan. This holiday was all we hoped it would be and even better. The travel and in particular the train timetabling was paced well, easy to follow and all went without a problem. We had clear skies and not too cold days so have some wonderful photos. Your choice of accommodation for our family was also great for location and hotel choice. A highlight for us was the stay with the lovely Mr and Mrs Kamada on Miyajima. This was the best experience and what a fabulous location. The guides we had in Kyoto and Tokyo gave us wonderful experiences with lots of additional information about each of the sights. With the guides help we were able to see so much more of the beautiful of Japan in such a short time. Thank you for your recommendation of portable WiFi, this made it so easy to navigate when out and about. From this experience of Japan we want to return again soon to see more.

Thank you again for helping create great memories for our family


Kylie and Ian Brown

by Ellen Palfreyman on Japan Holidays
Still in my bubble of pure contentment

Good morning Japan Holidays I am safely home, exhilarated, nourished and renewed, and still in my bubble of pure contentment after four weeks travel in such an amazing country. What a fantastic decision of mine to contact Japan Holidays to find out about a JR pass and then to have you take over my holiday plans. It has been an absolute joy to reap the rewards of your careful and mindful planning. I received so many accolades and respect for travelling alone and I couldn’t have done it without your help. It was always reassuring to know that I was only a click away from help if needed. My sincere thanks Lawson for making my trip so effortless and rewarding. I can’t wait to start planning my next - a more extensive rail trip encompassing far more of this wonderful country. Well done Japan Holidays! Warm regards Ellen

Thanks Ellen it was our pleasure to assist you with your inspiring adventure!

by Andrew Gow on Japan Holidays

We had a fantastic two week holiday in October, organised by Lawson at Japan Holidays. Right from my first conversation with Lawson, I was encouraged by his enthusiasm and willingness to listen to what we liked doing, so the itinerary could be tailored specifically to our preferences. Our holiday ended up being exactly what we were hoping for, with the perfect mix of beautiful rural Japan and the amazing buzz of Tokyo, and time in every location to follow our own preferences on the day.

As well as being very well organised, costs were clear and transparent, and Lawson even managed to squeeze some extra days into the trip without blowing my initial budget.

I would not hesitate to give a high recommendation of Japan Holidays to anyone thinking of a trip to Japan.

Thank you for your wonderful review Andrew, your photos are just stunning.

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