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Japan Holidays is Australia’s leading Karate Tour Specialist. Be it for just a one-off session or for an authentic group training camp – look for no further for all your martial arts tours.

Why Japan Holidays?

Japan has nominated Karate to be the introductory sport of the 2020 Olympics, riding the boom of Karate in Australia.

With over 10 years of Training first hand over Japan across different styles, our team has a network to clubs, dojos, associations of different traditional martial arts styles all over mainland Japan and Okinawa.

With that experience, Japan Holidays is the leading Australian Karate Specialist Travel Agency.

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Japan Holiday’s Lawson Dibb – Karate Enthusiast

From a young age Lawson studied karate in Australia, and this interest and passion drove him to live in Japan and train karate firsthand.

Lawson first trained in Japan at fifteen years of age, on student exchange, where he studied Kyokushin Karate at a local dojo in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.

This experience spurred Lawson to further develop both his martial arts training and interest of Japanese culture and history in general, graduating with a Bachelor of International Business majoring in Japanese Language.

From there, wanting to learn Japanese first hand, luck led him to work seasonal employment in Okinawa. This opportunity led to practice Okinawan Karate in its birthplace, across different styles, dojos and seminars.

Lawson now combines his passion and expertise in martial arts to help provide tours and tailor-made training camps to martial clubs in Australia.

What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art which is indigenous to the Ryukyu Kingdom – known nowadays as the islands of Okinawa- approx. 640 km away from the Japan mainland.

The Ryukyu kingdom acted as a trading country between China and Japan, and with that entwined the cultures of both to create the Okinawan culture that is famous today. Kung Fu at the time was foreign and gaining popularity, with many travelling to china to learn Kung Fu under famous practitioners. Throughout the years the evolution from the Kung Fu taught turned into Okinawan Hand – ‘te’

In 1429, the three kingdoms of Okinawa unified to become the Ryukyu kingdom, and with that the ban on martial arts to avoid any rebellions or uprisings. During this time training of any martial arts and weaponry (known as Kobudo) was all done in secret or disguised as a dance. That’s why a lot of traditional Ryukyu dances are using the same patterns, stances and movements used in Karate.

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Major Styles of Okinawan Karate

Throughout the years the Okinawan Karate styles evolved and became to the following main styles:

  • Goju-Ryu
  • Shorin-Ryu
  • Uechi-Ryu
  • Matsubayashi-Ryu

These styles are still practicing in the original birthplace to this day.

Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to learn about the history of your particular style first hand, or a first timer wanting to try Karate for fun during your holiday in Okinawa, Japan Holidays can help prepare your perfect holiday!

Okinawan Karate

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