When will it be safe to travel to Japan? Hopefully soon! 

The outbreak of the coronavirus is having a big impact on tourism in Japan. While restrictions on domestic tourism have been lifted, Japan’s borders remain closed to international tourists, and there are no signs that the borders will be opened to considerable numbers of tourists in the near future.

Current state of tourism: borders virtually closed

Is Japan open to travel now?

Due to the spread of the new, more contagious strain of the virus, Japan is closing its borders from December 28 to January 31 2021 to all new foreign arrivals except foreign residents of Japan and business travelers from a small number of countries.

It is currently undecided when regular tourists will again be able to enter the country, but it is unlikely to happen in considerable numbers before autumn 2021 after the end of the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Tips for Safe Travel in Japan

Here are some useful tips to ensure a safe trip during these unusual times.

  • Masks are available at drug stores, supermarkets and some department stores. You can also pick them up at airports in Japan.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at most places that sell masks.
  • If you want as much distance around you as possible on trains, consider green cars, especially on the shinkansen.
  • Many restaurants in Japan offer private rooms, which are called “koshitsu.” Your hotel concierge can help you locate such restaurants and reserve them for you.
  • Consider visiting popular destinations early in the morning or just before they close in the late afternoon. Or, consider visiting off-the-beaten-track destinations.

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