Are you ready to travel to Japan again?  Japan Holidays is here to help you prepare and know what to expect when you arrive.

Leaving Australia: to leave Australia, you will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  On October 19, the Australian Government released International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates for travellers who are fully vaccinated to present when entering other countries. You can obtain your certificate through the MyGov website. You will need your passport details to apply for the certificate and the whole process takes just a couple minutes. You can print the certificate or save it on your phone.

Masks on Flights: All major airlines, including Qantas, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines have announced that masks will be mandatory flights.

Travel Insurance: there is insurance to cover cancellations, medical costs and expenses related to COVID-19 and our consultants are available to assist with your questions.

Entering Japan: currently international tourists are not permitted to enter Japan but preparations are under way to accept fully vaccinated travellers as permanent residents and citizens of Japan are now only required to do 10 days home (or hotel) quarantine upon re-entering Japan.

PCR Testing: you can expect to be required to undergo a PCR test for COVID-19, 72 hours prior to your arrival into Japan. Upon entering Japan, you will present the negative test along with your vaccination certificate.

Quarantine in Japan: as of October, there is still mandatory quarantine in Japan which can be shortened from 14 to 10 days for fully vaccinated travelers. The place of quarantine can be a hotel of your choice.  On day 9, you will be notified to get another PCR test done, then on day 10 you will report the result.  Quarantine ends on the morning of Day 11, if the PCR test is negative.  Currently, anyone entering Japan cannot use public transport to get to their quarantine location. Please note: the Japanese government has not yet advised if tourists will still undergo the same quarantine measures when borders open to tourists.

Masks in Japan: the use of masks in Japan has been commonplace long before any of us heard of COVID-19.  While it is not compulsory to wear masks in Japan, we highly recommend you wear masks in all public places while you travel in Japan.

The Three Cs: While travelling in Japan, you may hear about the “Three Cs” to prevent COVID-19.  This refers to Closed Spaces, Crowded Spaces and Close-contact Settings. You will find hand sanitiser in many public places in Japan and it’s relatively cheap to purchase in Japan but we recommend taking some from Australia with you.

Hotel Restaurants: currently many hotels have stopped ‘buffet style’ breakfasts and some have stopped serving breakfast altogether.

Restricted Operating Hours: the restrictions on the operation hours of restaurants, pubs, cinemas, parks, museums, theme parks etc have now been lifted.

QR Codes: currently Japan is not using QR codes to enter facilities and you are not required to show proof of vaccination while travelling in Japan, although you will require proof to enter Japan.

If you have any questions, talk to our consultants at Japan Holidays.