Tsukiji Fish Market relocation

Tsukiji Fish market is the oldest and largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, with it’s array of seafood & viewing areas for popular tuna auctions.

In early October this year, the Tsukiji Inner Fish Market (wholesale area, some restaurants and shops) will relocate to Toyosu, still in Tokyo. The Tsukiji Outer Market will remain in the same place, so you may continue to visit and enjoy fresh and reasonably priced food and shopping.

Their relocation calendar is as shown below:

  • 15 SEP (SAT): End of public viewing of tuna auction
  • 29 SEP (SAT): Prohibited access to Tsukiji Inner Market wholesale area
  • 06 OCT (SAT): Last day of Tsukiji Inner Market
  • 07-10 OCT (SUN-WED): Relocation preparation (The Inner Market will be completely closed, but the Outer Market will remain opening during this period.)

11 OCT (THU): Opening of Toyosu Market

There will also be a new public viewing area for tuna auctions at Toyosu Market however the starting date has not been announced yet.

Please contact us if you are thinking of visiting the fish markets of Tokyo in your next Japan Holiday!

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