While we are currently unable to visit Japan due to COVID-19, we can still explore the best that Japan has to offer by exploring Japan on a virtual trip using Google Street View.

Over the coming weeks, Japan Holidays will introduce you to some of the best virtual travel experiences to be had in Japan, while we dream and plan for that Japan Holiday in a post-COVID world…

This week – Gran Class Shinkansen Train Trip

With Google Street View it’s possible to walk through many trains in Japan. Some options include the famous bullet trains as well as more luxurious trains specifically designed for enjoyment. Have a wander around the most luxurious Shinkansen car class offered, the Shinkansen “Gran Class” with JR East Tokyo Shinkansen.

Using the arrows, walk down the entire interior of the train, and dream of a time soon when travelling on this luxury train will become a reality again.

Scroll through to Car 11 to see Gran Class

This week – Shinkansen Gran Class: The ultimate luxury bullet train

Can you see yourself luxuriating among plush leather seats, endless meal and beverage service,and plenty of little extras to make you feel like a celebrity? If so, the Shinkansen Gran Class is the train for you.

Most bullet trains have standard class, similar to the economy class, as well as the Green Class, which is comparable to first class travel.

Newer Shinkansen models as the Hayabusa E5 Series, however, have  introduced the Gran Class – first class travel that far exceeds that of the Green Class.

Service is also a point of interest in the Shinkansen Gran Class. Upon entering the train, an attendant will guide you to your seat. You will then be offered such amenities as a menu, blanket, warm towel, slippers (which may be taken home by the passenger), and eye mask.

The menu options include gourmet delicacies, all locally sourced. For example, you may order a bento box featuring locally grown vegetables, along with fresh apple juice produced in Aomori. Other options include drinks, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and a western-style lunch. All food and beverages are provided at no additional cost.

Welcome to the world of Gran Class