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Wild and rebellious, Kochi is one of Japan’s most rewarding off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Kochi is the capital city of Kochi Prefecture, situated on the Kagami River on the south coast of Shikoku Island.

In the past, Kochi’s inaccessible landscape meant it was cut off from the rest of Japan. It allowed the prefecture to form a distinct personality as strong and untamed as its natural surroundings. Kochi people are resilient, self-reliant, and just a little rebellious. They’re known for their love of the great outdoors. Whale-watching, surfing, hiking, fishing, caving, paragliding, and paddle-boarding are just some of the outdoor activities on offer.

With a population of approximately 335,000, Kochi has a reputation as one of Japan’s most livable cities. Both sea and mountains are on the doorstep of this surprisingly cosmopolitan town. There’s good food, a lively market, friendly people and an easy-going vibe.

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