Visit the Island of Awaji, the first island created in Japan

Still thinking of where to plan to visit in Japan? Take a day to visit a hidden gem of the Hyogo region, Awaji Island. According to Japanese mythology is the the first island created by the Shinto Deities Izanagi and Izanami, essentially becoming the origin of Japan. The island is easily accessible from all the major areas of Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. This island can be a fantastic day trip for travellers or an island overnight retreat.

  • 40 minutes away by High-Speed Bus from Kobe
  • Direct highway bus transfers from Kansai International Airport available
  • Great for day trips or short stays.

No matter what you want in terms of authentic Japanese experiences, Awaji Island has it on offer. Explore the natural sights of the Naruto Strait Whirlpools and the world’s longest suspension bridge. Mythology and history buffs will enjoy visiting the Izanaji-Jingu Shinto Shrine, Sumoto Castle and the traditional Awaji Nigyo Joruri puppet theatre.

For the architects and horticulturalists, Awaji Yumebutai is the place to visit, made by the world famous architect Tadao Ando. Boasting natural flowers, the brilliance of Ando’s design is in how it restores a sense of natural beauty to the site while simultaneously embodying the same boldly contemporary vision seen in his other creations.

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