Shirakami Sanchi is in Northern Akita Tohoku Region of Japan. In 1993 the Shirakami Mountains were recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage site acknowledging the rich culture, history and mystic that surrounds this authentic region of Japan. Located near the Akita Aomori border Akita Shirakami area includes the surrounding three towns of Fujisato, Mitane and Happo. The area can be easily accessed by Air from Akita Airport or Shinkansen via Akita Station.

Shirakami Sanchi is a mountainous area that is populated by a natural abundance of beech trees. This amazing eco system can be explored throughout the year and although access to the “core zone” is restricted there are numerous trekking trails in the “buffer zone” with extensive views over the Akita Shirakami area. Local Guides are highly recommended as they will enhance the experience connecting visitors to the hidden world of this ancient forest.

Throughout history local people have benefited from the bounty the Shirakami Sanchi forests do provide. Meaning ‘white god’ in English, Shirakami Sanchi represents a god-like aura to locals that is reflected in the area’s traditional events, customs, and culture.

Aside from Trekking, the wide roads of Akita Shirakami will wind cyclists through the cherry blossoms in spring, colorful forests in autumn, and along the coast of the Sea of Japan. The spectacular scenery is unsurpassed elsewhere in Japan. Every August is the traditional festival season where the locals come together to perform and delicious foods and colorful floats are on display. However, one of the most well-known treasures of the area is the famous Akita dog which is bred in the Akita Shirakami countryside. The Akita dog has become so popular around the world that is has been listed as a National Natural Treasure of Japan.

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