As part of our regular feature on Kochi, Japan Holidays would like to introduce the town of Yusuhara. This small but picturesque town is dispersed with architectural wonders created by Mr Kengo Kuma who designed the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium. When Mr Kuma visited the town for the first time he saw the Kabuki Hall named Yusuhara-za and this inspired him to bring about a change in his mindset and the use of natural materials in his buildings. Yusuhara is famous for Japanese cedar as the area is heavily forested and the people take environmental care and the use of natural energy very seriously.

There are numerous buildings in Yusuhara that are made with cedar using traditional Japanese building techniques, giving the town a very Japanese feel. Mr Kuma has now designed six buildings in the town and Japan Holidays would highly recommend including this town on a visit to Shikoku for those people interested in Japanese architecture and design.

We’d like to feature two of Mr Kuma’s designs:-

Yusuhara Town Library was built in 2017 constructed from local timber. This showpiece building was based on the concept that people and nature can co-exist and prosper through the transformation of information.

Wooden Bridge-Shaped Art Gallery: The design of this building and the way it fits into the surrounding nature has become a symbol for the town. The architectural style used is quite unique to the world and has provided confidence for the wider use and promotion of Yusuhara cedar. The shape of the building represents a tree with branches and leaves giving off sunlight and shade with a true Japanese sense of beauty.

Kochi has something for everyone and our consultants at Japan Holidays are here to help plan your adventure to Kochi.